Disease as a solution: the unexplored hypothesis



1. Hypothesis

If disease is a solution, and not a problem, what is the problem it would be a solution for?

2. Problems and solutions

3. Real and apparent health

How did we mistake a solution for a problem?

4. Ultra-solutions

If disease is a self-healing process whose purpose is to bring the organism back to a condition of optimal functionality, called health, within the limits allowed by the available resources, does this mean, in particular, that microbes should not be considered to be responsible for diseases?

5. An ultra-simplified model

(a) absorption, or interiorization;
(b) emission, or exteriorization;
(c) adaptation, or internal reorganization.

(1) absorption of toxic substances = intoxication;
(2) absorption of nutritive substances = nutrition;
(3) emission of toxic substances = detoxification;
(4) emission of nutritive substances = deficiency;
(5) adaptation to toxic substances = degeneration;
(6) adaptation to nutritive substances = regeneration.

A metaphor à la Dirac

7. Spirals

8. Reversal of perspective

9. Contagions

10. Mental diseases

11. Concluding remarks

When a food cannot be completely assimilated without promoting deficiencies and/or leaving residues that in the long run weaken and/or poison the body, then it is not a suitable food for that body.




Physicist, writer, editor, researcher and self-researcher. For more info: www.massimilianosassolidebianchi.ch

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